Meet Louisa Hext, MA

Louisa is a skilled and experienced mediator, coach, speaker, and consultant. She partners with her clients to explore ideas around forgiveness, reconciliation, and conflict, and how it can be used to impact positively on people’s lives. Louisa is the North American coordinator for the traveling photographic exhibition, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness (a program of The Forgiveness Project a London, UK based non-profit). She is a member of The Charter for Compassion’s Global Team and manages the Peace and Restorative Justice sectors. Louisa serves on the Board of Conflict Resolution, Minnesota, a non-profit organization of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals based primarily in Minnesota.

Vision: I seek a vibrant, meaningful and successful career where I can make a substantive difference in people’s lives. My clients will identify who are they are, where they currently are and where they want to be—in all facets of their lives—including relationships, well-being, career, and life goals. The experience will be transformative.

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Mediation is a structured and interactive process where a neutral individual assists disputing parties in resolving conflict.


Coaching focuses on understanding of who you are and where you’d like to be in your world and relationships.


Let go of negative emotions and thoughts and enhance positive emotions towards oneself and others.


Improve personal and business relationships through self-discovery, awareness, and individual goals.