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Mediation is a structured and interactive process where a neutral individual assists disputing parties in resolving conflict.


Coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach guiding you to determine your relationship with self and others.


Release limiting emotions and thoughts and enhance positive emotions towards oneself and others.


Improve your personal and business relationships through self-discovery, awareness, and transformation.

Louisa Hext, MA

North American Exhibit Coordinator, The F Word Exhibition

Exhibit Courtesy The Forgiveness Project. Photo Credit: Keiko Ehret

Meet Louisa Hext

Mediator, Coach, Speaker & Consultant

Louisa is a skilled and experienced mediator, coach, speaker, and consultant. She partners with her clients to explore ideas around forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict, and how it can be used to impact positively on people’s lives.

Louisa assists her clients in uncovering effective methods for achieving their short and long term life goals. She works to ensure a transformative experience for every client.


At consultants hext, our passion is to help our clients through the most difficult stages and trials of life. Most of us know the steps and paths to take toward achieving the life we desire, but often we find ourselves overwhelmed in the midst of turmoil.

Whether seeking coaching or mediation services, the modality is the same. Louisa will help simplify the problem and provide clear options to choose from. Once the options become clear, our clients are free to make the decisions that are right for them without the struggle and anxiety typically experienced.


Our clients are satisfied because Louisa goes above and beyond for each and every one. Read some of the things they have to say about working with her.