Louisa’s Coaching Beliefs

My clients are resourceful and have the capacity to uncover their own challenges, solve those challenges and create a journey that makes sense to them. My clients are the sole deciders of their focus every time they coach. The coaching process will be empowering and guide clients to make informed, long-term changes in their lives which honor and benefit their life path.

Coaching is a partnership relationship between the coach and the client. The coach works continuously with the client to raise awareness of how they are responding to the world around them. We are all resourceful and whole and have the capacity to solve our own challenges. Coaching is not therapy; rather, it is a process that focuses on increasing emotional awareness, developing self-understanding, clarifying your values, and determining where you would like to be in your world and relationships.

Coaching is

  • Sourcing the answers from you
  • Partnering and honoring your process, values and beliefs
  • Accepting what is in the moment and inventing a future from that place
  • Directed by your agenda
  • Meeting you where you are at and having consensus about your reality
  • Trusting the expertise that lies within you

Coaching is not

  • Giving advice
  • Leading, directing or manipulating
  • Therapy, healing or fixing the past
  • Directed by the coach’s agenda
  • Judgmental, nor thinking others are right or wrong
  • Consulting or training that is expert driven

Framework for the Coaching Partnership

To become focused and ready. To engage and signify the importance and value of the coaching session. To put aside any external challenges that might distract from the coaching session.

To be curious. To hold space for creative enquiry and to experience opportunities to uncover values and beliefs that have influence in the client’s life. To identify a path forward that has meaning and effective measurement. To create agreements or revisit past agreements to determine where the individual is today.

To delve into the coaching process, utilizing tools, techniques and competencies. To apply the coaching process to the current situation.

To conclude the session and allow for opportunities to bring the learning beyond the coaching session. To extend the learning from the session to the individual’s life. To review the highlights of the session; where the individual is currently and whether the goal was achieved.

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    My goal is to coach my clients through a process of discovering answers to their deeply held questions. These resource articles provide insight as to what the process looks like.

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    Resolve legal issues through a structured, interactive process with the help of a skilled, neutral third party.


    Identify your strengths and determine what you want from your life through the coaching relationship.


    Release limiting emotions and thoughts and enhance positive emotions towards oneself and others.


    Improve your personal and business relationships through self-discovery, awareness, and transformation.